The Secret Mission

SHiNOBi SPACE CLUB is a collective of eclectic creatives using different Arts & Multi-Media Ninja Styles to spread our message to the Universe aka complete our Higher Consciousness Life Objectives. What’s the Secret Mission?

You’ll have to stick around for that...

With the visionary leadership of JUCE KUROSAKi, our empire inspires the Deviant Dreamers to unlock their full potential and together bring back the balance to Mother Earth (Gaia) ****** have selfishly destroyed.

With an Uplifting Voice, Shinobi Space Club provides fashion, philosophy & entertainment including film, music, & more for Free Thinkers & Dreamers in a Maverick environment giving them a sense of Empowerment and the feeling of Enlightement by supporting their New Age Viiibrations.

Dreams will save your soul,

& heal the world.

We are here to help!